A Guide to Creating Minecraft Bedrock Server Hosting – Customer Support Portal

This is even a phone! It is possible to watch the video to see more details regarding this process.

Use any browser that is available for your personal device and then type in “aternos.org” Aternos lets you have an unrestricted private Minecraft server. You must sign up for an account, and then establish a service. Be sure that you select bedrock edition, not Java edition.

There’s a myriad of choices and settings on the left-hand side of this page when you have created your server. You can customize it further or invite players to be part of your servers. If you wish to alter your settings, you’ll be able to alter the game’s mode, difficulty, if you permit cheating, and much more.

It takes only a couple of short minutes for the server to begin to download before you can interact with your brand-new world. Once you have opened Minecraft bedrock and then added a server, your server is ready for use. The server won’t be accessible to the server if you don’t enter all of the information in the correct manner. It’s now time to join the Minecraft server.