Common Tree Cutting Accidents – Spokane Events

There are many things that can go wrong while trying to remove the tree. While trees may seem relatively safe, they pose a serious danger when trying to get rid of. They can crush unprepared individuals in seconds. Most people rely on professional tree cutting services to cut safely large trees. If you’re contemplating doing this by yourself, you can follow these tips. In this short video, you will learn about the most commonly occurring tree cutting accidents and how to avoid the occurrence of these.

Stump jump may sound like the sound of a band, however, it is a dangerous situation which can happen. It is where a tree has to completely separate from the stump . This results in an unpredictable free downfall. The reason for this is typically a notch cut that is not deep enough or has a depth of less that 45°. In order to avoid accidents, make an open-face 70-90 degree cut using a bore cut. It is also crucial that you create an escape plan in advance of the time should something go wrong. By following these guidelines you’ll be better well-prepared and safer while cutting your tree down.