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ategory. They are:
Kawai Yamaha

What allowed these piano firms for this ranking is their array of instrument types — both acoustic, hybrid, and digital is a wider range than all others. They both have choices that are available in various price categories. You will also notice that Yamaha and Kawai are both considered by many to be among the best brands in these segments. That’s why they’ve been named the overall Top.

The Most Acoustic

To not be missed, the majority of piano makers listed in the category of “sub-brands” are actually sub-brands for other companies. Pearl River is one example. Pearl River, manufactures pianos with similar specifications and building guidelines as part of the brand Boston. These are associated to piano-related companies. The video mentions some of these piano manufacturers:

Steinway Pearl River Schimmel Boston Essex Shigeru Kawai Best Digital

There are just two brands. With their groundbreaking efforts and rich developmental history they both Roland as well as Casio are considered to be the top currently.

Roland Casio

This video will give you a complete information on the market for pianos, which includes so many options.