Drive in racks explained – Customer Support Portal

To load and unload pallets forklifts access the racks from the side.
This kind of setup has only one access into the racks for pallets. Forklift drivers load products onto the shelves located in the rear. In order to make room for most recent products, items from the past will be removed.
If you need large amounts of the SKUs that are the same, or with limited quantities, drive-in pallet racking can be an excellent storage system with high-density.
The system can be used for both deep and compressed storage. It has a Last In/First Out storage system that only requires the use of a single aisle. Racking with drive-in is a good choice for storing many similar products within a small amount of space.
Organisations try to house the most products possible in less space in order to save money on cold storage and freezers.
The drive-in rack is superior to specific racks in warehouses because it comes with many aisles, and space between them that permit accessibility for a forklift. This is due to the vast amount of pallets. e7nrdm81cc.