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However, if all female models were in their 20s, then which could advertisers choose to use in creating ads that appeal to older viewers? The modeling world simply can’t exist without female models who are over 50, and it should not have to. This video shows an individual who talks about her journey to becoming an actress in her late 60s. Her work was focused around marketing and advertising. The woman never was the model of choice or was a aspect of her advertising campaigns. After writing an article about herself and including a picture of herself her life was transformed when she was introduced to the world of modeling. The model was able without a portfolio of professional images, to enter the industry. Modeling was utilized as a way to sell dyes to gray hair. Even though her modeling was slow and didn’t earn any pay It quickly increased speed as she moved more involved in the business. Modeling has changed her life, and has given her the perspective she needs to see the business world, life and advertising oneself on the market.