Ever Wanted to Create Your Own RSS Feed?

Have you ever wished you could get an RSS feed for literally any web page of your choice? Not every page has the handy “RSS” button you can click to add that page’s feed to the regular content you get through your reader, but wouldn’t it be great if even pages that lack this feature could be easily picked up as RSS feeds?

What you may not realize is that there’s already a very simple way to convert url to RSS feed. This isn’t a trick you can perform without the appropriate web based software, however. The good news is that there are quite a few RSS feeds URL conversion web applications you can use to quickly make an RSS feed url. Some of these RSS feeds url apps include Dapper, Yahoo! Pipes, Feed43, RSSxl, Web2RSS, RSS Wizard, Feedity, FeedFire and numerous others. You can also choose to use some of these RSS feeds url converters to manually create a feed for your own website.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred way to create RSS feeds, you can start turning pretty much any sort of web content of your choice into an amazingly convenient feed that simply pops up in your reader as new blog posts or page elements are added. To give a few RSS feed url examples, you could choose to set up an RSS feed url Blogger news feed, a Flickr RSS feed url, or an MTV News RSS feed, or RSS feeds that show new results for Ebay searches.