Finding Your RSS Feed URL

You have uploaded great content to your site, and wish to share it and encourage RSS subscriptions. You may be left wondering, “where is my RSS feeds url?” Once you know how and where to find the url for RSS feeds, you will realize how simple and awesome a tool RSS is. Once you know where your RSS feeds url can be found, you will be able to share it quickly.

The abbreviation RSS stands for real simple syndication. An RSS is a real simple tool to use unless you cannot find your RSS feed url. If you cannot find it, it does not seem so simple. With blogging platforms that offer built in RSS tools, the RSS feed url Blogger can be easy to find. Knowing the how to locate your RSS feeds url will help you promote your blog.

RSS feeds are available from more than just blogging platforms. Photographers and artists can syndicate their images with a Flickr RSS feed url. Internet users who subscribe to your RSS feeds url will be informed anytime you upload new pictures to your account.

If you are trying to convert url to RSS feed, it is important to note the platform and RSS publishing software you will be using. If you have a blog and are interested in locating your RSS feed url, log into the platform control panel. Within this site you should be able to locate a drop down menu for a feed url. It is also possible to locate an RSS url by visiting your blog as a user would. Clicking on the RSS subscription icon should bring up subscription options for your blog. Within this menu you should be able to locate your feed url.

Now that you know how to locate RSS feeds url you will know where to find it anytime you need it. If you want your feed url for a form or to submit your feed to a directory, you will be able to easily offer your feed url. Hopefully now you know where to look when you find yourself needing to know your RSS feeds url.