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The video discusses important advice to help first-time buyers of diamonds. The 4Cs that define diamond quality are familiar to many. The cut colour, cut, and clarity are all a part of the value of a diamond. Diamonds of lower quality are tiny and yellow, and will have evident occlusions as well as cut flaws. High-grade diamonds are huge and clear and a master craftsman has cut it perfectly. But, unless you’ve got infinite resources, it is impossible to buy the finest diamonds. Diamonds that are truly perfect are scarce and expensive. To maximize the amount you can spend You must know how to prioritize. The video explains the importance of buying diamonds in accordance with your budget and preferences. Find out what you are willing to spend on diamonds, what shapes you prefer, and the quality you accept. Then, compare those decisions with your budget. Have you got the money for diamonds? would you be required prioritize your demands with diamonds? dwachgrnhl.