How Does a Plumber Unclog a Toilet? – Home Improvement Videos

For you to make sure that it’s functioning properly, make sure to be sure to keep it clean. Do not store it in a very humid environment. If you do not, the coils may become corroded and break down or break loose. Understanding the role of an auger in how does a plumber unclog a toilet is essential. Toilet snakes are handy instruments that are popular among plumbers. It makes it easy to get rid of clogs or obstructions to your pipes.
Chemical drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are another solution to unblock a toilet. There are two varieties of cleaners. One is for use on the vertical surfaces of bowls, while another is designed for water in the bowl. Both work by dissolving pieces of grease and solids which have accumulated in the course of. A plumber would place drain cleaning equipment in the toilet that is blocked. You may not notice any bubbles immediately.

With each passing day, you’ll notice more bubbles and eventually hundreds. Then you will realize that they are formed from the inside of the toilet bowl rather than the exterior where the plumber pours the drain cleaner. The drain cleaner dislodges any buildup in the bowl of your toilet. It causes millions of tiny bubbles to appear. The air and the drain cleaner separate in two layers within the bowl of toilet. The first layer is filled with gas that could ignite and cause serious damage.

It’s not safe to flush the toilet using water bubbles. It is best to call the emergency plumber promptly. An undiscovered fact about the method used by plumbers to unblock the drain is that they can use chemical drain cleaners to get it cleared quickly. They remove blockages from pipes, and then allow them to flow again. You can find them in most hardware stores or reliable water heater installation service companies.

Chemical drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide (lye), that will lift clogs. You can get rid of the clogs that are caused by toilet paper rolls to sewer scum.