How to Convert URL to RSS Feed in 2 Easy Steps

RSS is an open source code which makes propagation of your sites content open and easily widespread. Although many people know this, not as many people know how to retrieve the needed URL for RSS feed. Once this is learned, you can increase the amount of people who view your blog, or mass email broadcast. I will explain here how to perform the simple, but little known task of the best way to convert a URL to RSS feed, so you can begin promoting today. This is how to convert URL to RSS feed in just 2 easy steps.

1. You must locate the URL for RSS feed. The easiest way to find your RSS address is to view the HTML source of your page. Obviously, not all browsers operate in the same way, but in the commonly used browsers, this will be located under the Page Source or Source under the view menu. Chrome is a tad different; just push F12 and it will pop up on the lower half of the page.

2. Now that the HTML source window has appeared, use the hot key for “find” (Usually Ctrl: F or Comand: F, respectively for PC and Mac). Once the search box is seen, type into it rss, no quotes. After where it reads href= you will find a URL that appears in quotes.

That is your URL for RSS feed. Now you can find your flickr RSS feed URL, your Gmail RSS feed URL, or any and every RSS feed URL example you could possibly think of. Your URL for RSS feed research is over! That wasnt so bad, was it?