How to Spot Quality Branded Apparel at the Store – Shopping Networks

It is sometimes difficult to determine if a item is worth the money. One would want to make sure the purchase will last and won’t fall off after a couple of washes. See the below video to learn more. What are the features you need to be looking to look for when purchasing clothing from brands.
Be aware of the pay attention to the. Good quality fabrics will have a a soft texture that feels hard and solid when you rub them with your fingers. It should have a tight stitching with no threads loose or edges with frayed edges visible. If the fabric is weak or thin, this might not be the ideal choice.
Examine the seams. They should be even and straight and free of threads sticking out anywhere near the edges. The threads should not show to the sides of the fabric when there are holes.
Take a look at the general quality of the piece. Is it constructed with care? Are you able to see signs that the workmanship is not of high-quality? These items tend to be worn down quickly and it’s recommended to stay clear of these items. To learn more, contact the number at your residence.