How to Study the Bible Verse by Verse – Reference Books Online

When you are learning more about the Bible through study There will be a variety of stages. If you’re trying to get past reading entire chapters or pondering them over then you might want to consider an individual verse Bible exercise.

There are many ways of studying particular Bible verses. People can gain great insight through listening to podcasts or other resources for education using this strategy. With a guided study session it is possible to see your verses take on new meaning for you.

This video can be helpful if you want to learn independently. The person who hosts the video explains her method for studying individual bible verses, which she refers to as the verse mapping.

She begins by bringing her Bible and a blank piece of paper and an eraser. She explains that the four steps of this process include prayer study, observation and interpretation as well as application. In order to demonstrate how to construct the verse map, she goes over every step thoroughly. She gives context to the verse in the map to ensure that she can gain a deeper understanding of the meaning. uebgag62i3.