It’s Easy to Convert News URLs to RSS Feeds

Sometimes when visiting a news site that produces articles you find particularly insightful or compelling, you want to be able to benefit from the convenience of having future pieces sent directly to you via your RSS reader, your Yahoo account, or a similar service. But what is the easiest way to convert URL to RSS feed?

Sometimes certain RSS feed URLs, such as the CNN URL for RSS feeds, have a drop down menu from which you can choose your preferred RSS reader. If you have a Yahoo account for example, there is also the option to click and have the feed send to your account.

Another method is to simply copy the RSS feeds URL and paste it into your reader. From there, your reader will recognize the feed and you will have effectively subscribed to future articles.

Sometimes if you need an RSS feed URL bloggers may post them to their sites, so that you can have direct access to their latest published thoughts. Perhaps they may even provide links to other relevant and useful RSS feed URLs as well.

When choosing an RSS feed for subscription, you will likely want to choose one that is updated regularly, at least once every two weeks. You’ll also want to be certain that the source of the articles is a reliable and trusted one. If you aren’t likely to read the articles from the RSS feed on a regular basis, it’s probably not worth your subscription.

If you have additional questions, comments or tips about accessing RSS feeds by using URLs or how to find an RSS feed URL bloggers post, be sure to share them in the forum below.