Knowing the Difference Between Groundwater Remediation Methods – Backyard Landscaping Concepts

In the event that groundwater becomes contaminated, it’s in everyone’s best desires to eliminate the contamination. It is essential to understand the process of remediating groundwater to everyone, regardless of whether or you are involved directly in the process. This article will outline the distinctions between groundwater treatment methods and how they are done.
What’s the main difference between the methods used to treat groundwater?

The most basic form of groundwater treatment, physical remediation utilizes air sparging for the purpose of removing contaminants from the water. Another technique is to pump the water and process.


Biological groundwater remediation relies on plants, microorganisms, and other organic matter to disintegrate certain substances naturally. Similar to Septic systems that break down the waste material in water sludge.


It is also possible to use chemical techniques to treat groundwater. Although these can take more time and costs but in some cases, outcomes may be more effective.