Learn How to Replace a Water Heater – BF Plumbing Durham

Dave runs Odell Complete Concrete, he does not have a plumbing license, but he did replace his own water heater and shares his tips and tricks he employed.
Water heater replacement is not too hard. It’s possible to swap out your old water heater for an easier task when you’re able to find an identical model to the model as the one you have. It could save you much money when you replace your water heater yourself and not rely on a contractor.
These suggestions can help you to replace your water heater without assistance. Naturally, if have a complex situation you may have to wait until your contractors schedule becomes available and is able to fit you in.
Watch this video to learn more about water heater replacement as well as the steps you’ll need to take to get it replaced. Be aware that this video is for a gas water heater, if your water heater is electric , there are some things you may bypass. hvtfr63g4s.