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creating crooked or crooked teeth. The brackets in metal made the conventional braces extremely visible.

Braces can be now customized using a range of options for color.

There are certain shades to select from, and others to be avoided. The elastic tie which fits over the bracket is made of rubber and can be found in different shades. They can easily be altered by patients when they see the dentist at an appointment.

Colors To Choose:
1. Contrary to elastic tie, the dark hues can make teeth appear brighter than those who wear elastic tie.
2. Colors of silver or clear When the natural teeth of the patient are dark.

Colors To Avoid:
1. Brown and yellow make teeth look stained
2. It is not a way to make teeth appear more white. They will appear yellower when compared to white ties.
3. Dark green will look like it is a food molecule stuck inside the braces.

Colours are able to be mixed they reflect events holiday, celebrations, or themes.

Patients must choose a comfy colour. a8nolmvsjx.