Screen Print Your Own Custom Jerseys – Rochester Magazine

Jerseys will help teams feel more like a unit, and will also show the team’s Rochester heritage to the world. If you’re interested in getting to making your own jerseys, consider screen printing as a possibility. In this short video you’ll learn screen printing is used to design custom t-shirts to teams.

This instructional video will demonstrate how you can prepare the diverse elements you’ll need. When you cover your screen, be sure to only apply a small bit of photo emulsion because it can be spread in a thin layer and spread it far. Additionally, you will learn how mix the mix. You should work fast once you’ve created your layout. Keep a light shining over the pattern once you have set the design. This video also explains the steps to take if you fail to follow the instructions. What you must do is to transfer the logo to your tshirts! You will soon have jerseys made for every member of Rochester. Rochester team. acpxg64u7l.