Should You Use a Waterpik? – Prevent Tooth Decay

Based on the advice of every dental clinic the practice of flossing once every day is the most effective option to stay clear of gum disease. What floss to decide on? This video will provide more information about waterpiks.

Do not use waterpiks to replace flossing. They are best used in conjunction with flossing to enhance the hygiene of your teeth. If you notice your gums turning red as well as spongy or bleeding then a waterpik might be an option. The waterpik is also suitable for you if you have braces, permanent retainers or lingual bar, an implant or bridge, or diabetes. The option to take action is even if none of the above apply to your situation.

WAterpiks work by shooting the gun with water for a thorough cleanse. It has been proven that it can prevent gum disease. Regular floss is able to clean as low as 4 millimeters below the gum. The waterpick however can reach all other areas. Waterpiks can be very effective since they can get into any kind of spot. For more info, ask your dentist regarding waterpiks.