The Incredible Benefits of Soy Lecithin – Infomax Global

The only use for it is as a food additive, soy lecithin is a substance derived from soybeans. There are numerous benefits of it, like its ability to form emulsions. It is often used for food processing as an Emulsifier.

It can help mix components that do not naturally mix well, such as oil and water. This allows you to ensure consistency in the texture of baked products, salad dressings and chocolate.

It can also aid in reducing cholesterol. It’s composed of compounds known as phospholipids they have shown to decrease cholesterol levels within the blood. This can be beneficial for people with high cholesterol or those who are at risk for heart disease.

Important nutrients that support brain function Choline, and other phospholipids, are important. They’ve been associated with better memory and improved cognitive performance in a few studies. They can be beneficial to liver healthsince they can help reduce the amount of excess fat from the liver.

It may have skin benefits. It’s a source of vitamin E as well as antioxidants which protects the skin from the damage of free radicals. Soy lecithin is a great choice in place of thickeners and emulsifiers made from wheat. It’s a good choice for people with allergies to gluten.

Because it’s an allergen that is widely used there are people who may suffer digestive issues or other adverse results after taking it. Similar to any food additive, speak with an experienced healthcare professional if have any questions about the ingredient.