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Cupping Therapy, as well as Acupuncture The Roots

Acupuncture and cupping originated from Ancient China. The practice of acupuncture, which was invented around 8,000 years ago and dates its roots to dadaist beliefs. Cupping therapies was discovered around 3,000 years ago. The traditional Chinese treatment was based upon the belief that natural energy circulates throughout the body. This energy will continue to be circulating through your body it’s a sign your body is healthy. Traditional belief maintains that channels, or “meridians” regulate the flow of energy. Injuries and illness can cause problems with this flow and this could lead to developing a disease.

What Treatments Can Help You To Heal

Acupuncture and Cupping can remove the blockages and enable your energy to flow again. When you acupuncture, needles will be stuck into the meridian point that can create pain, illness or discomfort within the body. In the course of this therapy the primary aim of the acupuncturist is to stimulate the flow of blood to these points. The blood supply of oxygen and nutrients that can cure illnesses and help repair damage. The treatment area is cleared by the flow of lymph that removes contaminants, waste and other debris. Due to the use of needles, the majority of people who receive an acupuncture session report having no discomfort when needles are in. The therapy session may include the needle being inserted or a gentle electrical current being applied. Some patients report experiencing a feeling of relaxation, while others find it painful.

A needle that is not properly placed when treating can result in suffering to the patient. Needles should be sterilized to stop infection from happening. This is the reason you’re advised to seek treatment for acupuncture through a licensed specialist. Just like other medical instruments such as acupuncture, the FDA regulates acupuncture needles.