Tips for DIY Plumbing – Life Cover Guide

A visual overview of some typical DIY plumbing repair ideas that sinks require. Valve Installation If you’re installing a sink faucet in the kitchen, you’ll also have to put in cold and hot shutoff valves underneath. The valves must be cut out the copper valves, and then remove any oxide-coated coating by using Sandpaper. Solder flux can be added into the assembly as well as the fitting. This will promote an even stronger bond when you solder.

The blue flame should be moved around the soldering iron to the entire circumference of the fitting and pipe for the best seal. Wipe excess from the hot surfaces with a clean rag. Check for leaks prior to using the faucet.

Add a Drain Pipe Slide your drainpipe to toward the bottom of the sink. Make sure that the pipe is sealed by applying a thin layer of silicone all around the pipe. Attach the U-shaped joints that runs between the pipe and the drain port. Install the slip joint nuts to the ends of both and fix them. Test for any leaks before you run the faucet.

For more information, contact an experienced plumber if you aren’t sure how to do this DIY chores.