Tips for Hosting Your Own Radio Show – Small Business Magazine

It is easy to press buttons to play CDs. It’s gone. All of the work is conducted electronically with the advent of the internet. Programmers arrange music, commercials and dialogue in a 24 hour schedule to make sure the station runs smoothly for pleasant listening experiences for listeners. To make sure that the station is running smoothly, the board operator is on the scene about an hour prior to their shift.
The host usually arrives 20-30 minutes before they are scheduled to be on air. They can settle in, use the headsets on the radio, and discuss any changes that may be needed with the operator. The time has come to launch the show! The host typically begins by reviewing all planned commercials to be played during their shift. Following that, they is expected to read all their commercials. Radio stations may need hosts to talk between songs, or to play games with the listeners. They may also need to take calls. No matter what, it’s important to keep things moving and the listeners engaged. qjt9v3z2z8.