Tips on How You Can Wrap Your Extension Cords – Teng Home

ideas on how to ensure there aren’t no issues when you next need to make use of extensions cords. He explains three different ways you can wrap your extension cords once you are finished with them, so you won’t deal with any knots. He understands the struggles with which we are faced. Three ways to wrap extension cords.

The elbow wrap is one which we’ve probably heard of. Simply wrap the cord over your elbow and hands. When you’re done, wrap the extra cord in a way to secure your body . Then, plug into the connectors. The braid looks like it’s just making more knots, but it actually doesn’t! There is a picture of Chris making a braid on the extension cord. Another method is the method of over-under and this is pretty simple, so it might be your preferred method for covering your extension cable. Go through the entire video for more information and techniques on how you will wrap your extension cables effortlessly, so that you won’t have any more irritations.