Track the Information You Want! Four Facts About RSS Feeds

Are you familiar with RSS feeds? RSS feeds aggregate updates from multiple websites into one unified format that people can easily read. They are often used on news sites in order to keep readers informed about the latest updates. What you might not know is all the ways an RSS feeds url can be helpful to you. Here are four facts about RSS feeds.

1. Finding and using them is easy

People always ask me, how do I add an url for RSS feed to my RSS reader? All you need to do is copy and paste the url of the RSS feed, and then place it in your reader. This will convert url to RSS feed. It is that simple. You will then get all the updates in your RSS feed.

2. What is an RSS feed url example?

One example would be cnn.topstories.rss. This gives you constant access to all the latest stories from CNN. There are many others though, from big sites such as CNN, but also from small websites like your favorite companies or blogs.

3. Track the information you want

Trying to land a job? Not easy to do in this economy, when millions of people are all competing for the same handful of positions. One thing that can give you a leg up is RSS feeds that search for job listings. Although this will not, of course, ensure that anyone hires you, it will help you find more postings as soon as they are listed. In a similar way, RSS feeds can be used to find the latest updates on everything from pug puppies to shopping deals.

4. Know what people are saying about you

If you use the url for RSS feed to look up your own name, you can find out what people are saying about you online. This can be useful for bloggers, but also business owners who want to know if they receive negative reviews so that they can handle the PR accordingly.