Ultimate Guide to Category 6 Cabling – Shine Articles

Per wires that support the transfer of data of one Gigabit. Cat6 cabling carries signals further than cat5e because its bandwidth is at 250MHz compared to 100MHz in cat5e. They can deal with more information with less effort. These cables will not increase your internet speed, but they will improve the internet speed.

Cat6 cables are ideal for interface cards that can transfer files with a speed of 10Gbps. Cat6 cabling has thicker sheets as compared to cat5e. Many include nylon spines on the idle copper wires. This increases its durability. With this heavy sheeting, installation is as easy as installing cat5e. Running cat6 cables in a brand new house is a plus because then you will be able to future-proof your house to take advantage of technology-related changes. At either end of a category6 cable is an eight-position connector, or RJ45 jackthat connects two devices. In order to get the maximum potential of these cables make sure you choose connectors that conform to the cat6 cables’ specifications.