Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves – Everlasting Memories

The first step is to determine what you’ll be wearing to the wedding. So, you’ll have the opportunity to shop for a few travel-sized items. How do you handle your make-up shifts at the ceremony and reception? If you’ve got several key products in the emergency kit You can figure out ways to extend your look.

Concealer, setting spray, mascara and blotting sheets , are the most important items to have in a wedding emergency kit. All of these can be useful if you find your makeup to be badly. It is also advisable to ask your makeup artist to give you a little vial of your lip color to reapply. This should be kept by the maid-of honor so that she can make some touchups prior to big functions.

Extra Earrings

Back-up earrings aren’t the most well-known item. They are, however, essential. Naturally, you’ll pick a unique pair of shoes for your wedding day. You will nonetheless require the smaller, more comfy pair. These could be lifesavers. You’re main earrings may become somewhat heavy. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable for the entire day. Instead, you can count on your backups. They will also come in quite handy if you break your primary earrings or become lost in the course of the day.

Jewelry Cleaner

Your need your jewelry to be in top shape on the wedding day. It’s good to carry a jewelry cleaner inside your emergency kit to prepare for your wedding. The family and guests of your wedding may be interested in holding your ring. There is a possibility that you want photographers to capture close-ups of your jewelry. This allows you to determine if the piece is dirty. Do not want to be left with photos and videos that aren’t capturing the brilliance of your diamond. Your jewelry’s beauty and design must be properly captured.

Bottle of water

There’s a chance that you’ll be extremely thirsty in the days leading up to your wedding. From planning to talking, there are many things you must do. Make sure you have water available. This is the ideal choice for your special day. It’s secure, and that makes it