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Like, for instance, the video shows, you should choose the steel pipe fitting for gas transportation. Carbon steel pipe fitting has the advantage of being stronger than the other pipes, which are made of aluminum, aluminum, steel, plastic/PVC, or copper. Pipes made of steel are more flexible, and more suitable for making forged fittings. Although you may want to make-it-yourself (DIY) various projects for the sake of saving both time and cash, consider taking a course online first to know about the various kinds of pipe and their uses. It will help you be prepared for many DIY tasks. The basics of safety and using pipe reducers and pipe tees that allow you to alter the dimension of pipes are as well covered. Learn the essentials in adapting pipe fittings, and sealing pipes. Learn what PTFE tape is a good choice to seal joints. Learn about the temperatures it is suitable to apply it at. These instructional videos as well as an online tutorial, will aid in gaining access to pipes safely. shw2ysk4tf.