Who Profits from Bail Bonds? – Reference Books Online

To determine who is the beneficiary of these bail services CNBC explores this process nationwide in their report.

Approximately 450,000 people throughout 450,000 people across the United States await trial. Most of the time, the typical cost of bail in the event of a felony conviction is around $10,000. For those who cannot afford bail in that amount and require bail bonds, bail bond businesses assist those who are accused of a crime by reducing the price issued from the court system.

The person waiting for trial has to sign a contract with an immediate family member, and pay a cost that equates to 10-15% of the total bail price. A $15 fee would be equivalent to the family paying $1500 less than the $10,000 originally agreed upon. When paying the fees and adhering to the terms of the contract that they signed, that person has a higher likelihood of not having to face a severe punishment in jail.

The earnings from bail bonds are shared between the bail bond experts and the insurance companies backing up the industry. Both are in the private sector, which is the reason for this arrangement. hk88dxeeut.