Gas Water Heater Replacement – Interior Painting Tips

A replacement is an ideal option for homeowners looking to cut cost. What can homeowners do in order to repair gas heaters?

The video’s narrator explains that the most important thing to take when replacement of a gas heater is to examine the tag. The label will display the dimensions and energy specs. It is then suggested that homeowners test venting the heater by closing all the windows before turning on the gas appliances. A match must be lit under the hood to draw in the fumes.

In order to drain the water from the tank, the homeowner should remove any venting. The next step is to remove the water supply, and remove the TandP pipe. Place the tank in an empty drain pan. Then, attach the water lines once more and then fill the tank with water.

Last but not least, homeowners must connect the gas supply and then switch it on in order to heat the water. The above was about the removal of a gas-powered water heater.