Medical Treatments for Abdominal Cancer You Should Know About – News Articles About Health

On Dr. Katy Bever’s Medicine YouTube Channel she talks about stomach cancer treatment. The video is titled “Medical Oncology Treatment for stomach cancer”. The standard treatment for stomach cancer is chemotherapy. It can be combined with surgery. Surgery is usually used in early treatment to remove stomach cancerous tumors. Specialists in cancer of the abdominal region will often combine surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy for more advanced cases.

Many patients receive immunotherapy in advanced cases using new drugs that target the immune system and help in fighting cancer with greater effectiveness. The medicines help your immune system to identify cancer cells as dangerous and aid in fighting and eradicate the cancer cells. One medication approved by FDA is Keytruda and we’ve seen successes in treating stomach cancer by using the drug. It has been proven that tumors are able to block immune system signals which help to fight cancer. These drugs help the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Doctor. Katy Bever says there are numerous new medicines in development for immunotherapy that can help with treatment of early stage of gastric disorders and more severe cases. An abdominal cancer can be treated with many possibilities.
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